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L4: Introduction to Rock Gardening

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Kelly and Laura will take you out Horseshoe Cove and out under the Golden Gate Bridge to explore and play with the many features found along the Marin Headlands. You get introduced to pour-overs (riding waves over rocks), learn how to use larger rocks for protection, work on judgment, timing and maneuvering in and around the rocks. We may get to explore caves and paddle through natural arches if sea conditions allow. This class will give you a great introduction to one of the most dynamic and exciting styles of paddling and there is no better place in the world for it than the coast of Northern California!

Who: This class is intended for anyone looking to play in the rock gardens that adorn the California Coast. You should have surf zone experience and solid bracing skills.

Prerequisite: L4: Intro to Surf Zone or similar training and experience.

When: We will meet at 8.30 AM ready to launch at 9.00 AM. Arrive earlier if you need more time to get ready!

Where: We will launch from and return to the public boat ramp at Horseshoe Cove (Fort Baker), Sausalito.

Cost: $119.00 (Minimum enrollment: 3; Maximum enrollment: 8 – with 2 instructors)

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental.