1. Old name of Taiwan, from Portuguese Formosa insula "beautiful island," from fem. of Latin formosus "beautiful, handsome, finely formed," from forma (see form (n.)).


Fearless Formosa is an expedition to sea kayak 250 miles of Taiwan's lush and mountainous eastern coastline. Along the way, two friends, Kelly Henry and Laura Zulliger, will teach a range of classes in collaboration with local paddling clubs and organizations. Their instruction is aimed at not only teaching advanced kayaking skills, like kayak surfing and rock gardening, but also furthering female outdoor leadership among Taiwanese women paddlers. We will document our journey on this site with frequent posts, videos, and guides for others to use in creating their own adventures! 

霍元甲是台塑远征海上皮艇250英里台湾的郁郁葱葱和东部山区的海岸线。一路上,两个朋友,Kelly Henry 和 Laura Zulliger,将与当地的俱乐部划船和组织合作教各种课程。他们的指令目的不仅在于教学先进皮划艇技能,像皮艇冲浪和摇滚园艺,同时也促进台湾女性健儿中的女性户外领导。我们将记录我们在这个网站的旅程频繁的帖子,视频和指南为他人创造自己的冒险使用!



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