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L5: Advanced Surf Zone

Kelly Henry and Sean Morley will be teaching this class and Laura assisting. To book, please visit River and Ocean's site

This class is intended for sea kayakers or whitewater kayakers who have had recent surf zone experience, have solid bracing skills and a reliable combat roll. We will work on advanced surf zone skills, including how to survey the surf zone and read waves, the paddle-out, timing to catch waves, trimming, diagonal runs, changes of direction and end moves. We will tailor the class to what YOU need to ensure you get maximum learning from the day.

Where: We will meet at Dillon Beach car park and launch from the main beach. We will go looking for the BEST surf for practicing the skills we need to work on. Exactly where we go will be dependent upon the prevailing conditions. Options include the entrance to Tomales Bay, where there are a multitude of sandbanks that allow us to choose the energy level we want. Or we can head north to Estero de San Antonio for potentially bigger conditions and a variety of surf breaks in the rock gardens.

When: Meet at 9.00 am. Be changed and ready by 9.30 am. We will be off the water by 4.00 pm latest and wrapped up by 4.30 pm.

Why: Sea kayaks are notoriously difficult to handle in surf; their length makes changes in direction challenging and a broach seem inevitable. This can put a lot of stress on your body as well as your mind! But with practice and by exercising good judgment you can surf waves, carve left and right and exit or ride the wave to the beach with control. Sea kayaks can also access remote surf breaks that no board surfer would consider. By developing the necessary skills and knowledge you can turn any coastal journey into a surfing safari!

Cost: $119.00 (Minimum Enrollment: 3; Maximum Enrollment: 8 – with 2 instructors)

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental.